Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blog Post #4

After reading Scott McLeod's post about technology, I appreciate his sarcasm on the subject, but also felt a little sad. I felt sad because there are probably more people out there that truly feel that was about technology than we realize. I agree with him to utilize technology in the education process. My main argument in the majority of my posts is why would we not utilize and embrace new technology to aid us? It is sad to think how many students out there that will not be prepared for the "real world" due to lacking knowledge about how to operate the technology that has become such a big part of life as we know it.

Scott McLeod is an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at Iowa State University.

I watched the iSchool Initiative and I was stuck by the sheer genius of it. I know the itouch and iphone are both great, but had not given thought as to how much it could save in schools. Just being able to go paperless or use less paper would be a great way to save in budgeting. The apps available would cover all subjects and it would be great to utilize at the high school level.

I have seen how technology assists in education primarily at the college level. E-Companion has helped many classes become paper-less, but being able to use a similar format in high school would be beneficial on so many levels. As a future high school teacher, it seems like a great route to go. If students were only required to purchase an itouch instead of paying all the fees associated with public education, it would be a savings for students as well as school budgets.

Lost Generation was a great video. The presentation of it was unlike any I had ever seen before. I loved the fact that when read backwards, it gave an entirely different message. I believe the message it sends too. Every generation can make a difference. No one has to accept the standard "norm" as the way life is.

The use of technology in Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir is truly amazing. Who would of thought a wonderful presentation like that could be orchestrated and broadcast strictly by internet alone? That is a great example of many things that can be done with the technology of today.

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