Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blog Post #5

All about Podcasts

Prior to this class, I knew of the existence of a podcast, had even heard some, but did not know the details of how to make one or anything. Now, after reading and watching the required assignment for this blog post, I feel very enlightened.

To begin with, I am so glad to know that even 1st graders are making podcasts. As a mother, I am glad that this technology is so present in the classroom. While I do not consider myself a "techie", I feel like I can decently navigate my way around a computer, as well as have some proficiently in various programs. Knowing that the future generations are learning in elementary school is a great feeling. The future is in technology and I'm glad that many young children will be prepared.

Also new to me was what all I can do with my ipod to assist in my learning! I have spent so much time making sure I had all the music I could ever want, that I never gave thought to downloading things that were actually useful. The article about the 100 ways my ipod could be used for learning was very enlightening to me. I will continue to use it as a resource.

Each point listed in the benefit of podcasting was right on the money. Each element we continue to learn in EDM310 is beneficial in making the world smaller and making education more accessible. Also, I think it is helpful for different types of learners, who do not always benefit from a traditional classroom setting day in and day out. I am looking forward to putting these newly learned skills to work in my classroom. 


  1. Hi Brittany,
    Well I didn't know anything about podcast, until I enrolled in Dr. Strange class. I agree that everything we are learning in EDM310 is going to be very beneficial. I think that this class is a preparer for future teachers. Unlike you I'm almost technology illiterate,and all of this information is very useful to me.Overall nice summary of what you have learned.

  2. Excellent post Brittany!

    You made a number of good points but I really liked what you said about your Ipod, "I never gave thought to downloading things that were actually useful." This is true for so many of us. We get so caught up in being entertained we haven't considered the other possibilities.

    Your blog looks good. Be sure you proof read before posting. Otherwise, keep up the good work. SS