Monday, November 1, 2010

Blog Post #10

After reading "An Open Letter to Educators," it validates my feelings after watching Sir Ken Robinson's video. There is a major problem in our education system today. So many of my classroom experiences have been this way. This motivates me to be a different type of teacher. I want to be an educator and not shove facts down my student's throats. I want to make a change and motivate my students. It is a shame that there are so many "teachers" out there who are simply presenting information and never truly educating their students.

The solution is never addressed in "Don't Let Them Take the Pencils Home". A study is done, but the problem is pointed out without the suggestion of a solution. Aside from that, why do these administrators expect the worse of their students? The basic point was they would not use "pencils" for learning, instead for games. Why would someone in charge not try to find a way to help the students utilize these "pencils" for the positive? It seems that schools are more focused on themselves and not in the interest of their students.

After watching "Two Questions That Can Change Your Life," I believe my sentence will be "She truly educated and motivated her students, served as a mentor, and allowed her students to dream and assisted in them realizing their dreams." Each person, not just man, should have a sentence of what they did or what they contributed to society. As future educators, we must always put our student's interest first and help the grow and develop through our lessons. Isn't that why we are becoming teachers in the first place?


  1. Good point. Schools seem to be more concerned with themselves than the interests of their students. This does seem like a driving motive in many situations. For example: Buying technology to make the school look advanced. To me, this selfish aspect points to the fact that schools are designed like a business. Education is institutionalized. In some aspects, it's not bad that it is an institution. The bad part is this institution is trying to guild behaviors, holding on to social patterns, and teaching as if it was still in the 20th century.

    I'm sorry for rambling. I'm not even sure what I said makes much sense. I really enjoyed your blog. It sparked some questions inside of me, hence the rambling.

  2. "I want to be an educator and not shove facts down my student's throats. I want to make a change and motivate my students." Wonderful!